The school calendar has a formal observation week, which takes place during the fall semester after the children are normalized into the environment and during the Spring semester. Parents will be reminded of this event ahead of time. Moreover, HFMA parents are welcome to observe their children at any time by using a viewing window available in each and every classroom.


Please remember that once the class is in session, it is essential that the teacher be there for all of the children at all times. If you need to talk to the teacher, please send a note with your child, or call or leave a note at the front office.

Under no circumstances parents should walk into the classroom once the class is in session. This action has proven to be a great distraction to the children and to negatively affect the entire class.

A quiet voice must be used whenever you are in the classroom.


Education is viewed by HFMA as a partnership between the parents, teachers and the school. Mutual trust and open lines of communication are fundamental to maintaining a solid partnership. The following guidelines are provided to assist in the communication process.
Daily messages:
A teacher’s full attention must be given to the students during school hours. If you have a message, question, or concern that you would like to discuss with your child’s teacher, please send a note or call the office and leave a message. If a response is requested, teachers will respond with a phone call or with a written note as soon as possible.

Office notifications:
Please, notify the school in writing or by phone for the following reasons:

  • The student will be out of school.
  • The student has an appointment and will be arriving late or leaving early.

Office communications:
Please, carefully read all communications from the office to keep you informed and involved. Check the HFMA webpage frequently for any new information:

Parent is welcome to schedule an appointment with the director at any time to review and discuss any questions or concerns about the policies and procedures of the school. Any notifications from our school to you will be sent by email, written in a form and in our newsletter, and copy will be posted for your view in our school’s bulletin board located at the front hallways.

Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled at least once a semester at HFMA and may be arranged at other times throughout the year. Refer to the school calendar for the period during which the conferences are held ( A note will be sent home from the school regarding the procedure for scheduling a conference.

Students enrolled in the Extended Day Programs are allowed to attend the school in their regular time during the Parent/Teacher Conference days. All other students are requested not to attend school during these days.

Parent participation is always welcome at HFMA. There are many opportunities for helping and working with the school. you may volunteer in your child’s classroom for various duties as determined by your child’s teacher. These duties may include: Room Mom, Reading Moms, and Sound Moms. Dads are welcome as well! Our office volunteer assist in cutting, laminating, copying, fundraising, etc. Please contact the main office or your child’s teacher to volunteer.

HFMA has a wonderful PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). It is responsible for planning various social functions for our school and a bridge of communication between parents and school administration. We hope that every single family in our school community participates in some level of this organization.


Parents may consider hiring at their discretion and risk one of the HFMA staff members for occasional baby-sitting, tutoring or any other activities taking place outside the school premises and outside the school hours of operation. HFMA neither encourages nor endorses such activities. Furthermore, HFMA cannot be held liable in any way for any problems, losses, injuries or any other detrimental consequences that might occur as a result of these activities.


Children must be signed in and out by the custodial parent or adult person approved by the parent(s). Only those persons approved by the child’s parent(s) may take a child out of HFMA. If those persons are not known to current staff, identification will be required. Please understand that due to liability issues, staff of HFMA is not permitted to take children home from our school.

They are several ways you can help us maintain the best possible teaching atmosphere for your child:

  • Communicate any concerns regarding our program or your child immediately to staff.
  • Pick up and read the notices and information left for your child’s folder and/or posted outside your child’s classroom, at the reception desk, or on e-mail.
  • Pick up your child’s papers/projects on Fridays. Their work is very important to them and provides another means of communication between parent and child and helps the parent share in the child’s day.
  • Please do not allow your child to bring gum or candy to the classroom. We STRONGLY encourage you to allow your child to eat what we are serving that day, unless, of course, food allergies are a concern. In that case, we ask that you bring a note from your physician. Any food brought from home will only be served at the same time that the other children are eating and MUST be taken home at the end of the day.
  • Periodically, check on your child’s supply of extra clothing. Please take-home soiled clothing promptly.
  • The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services do not allow smoking on the premises, either indoors or outdoors.
  • Cyber identity and social networking are very exciting these days. However, please understand that employees of HFMA are prohibited from participating in social networking with parents and children. This includes, but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.
  • Parent Code of Conduct: Please understand, young children are present in our building. Some adult Language is not appropriate for young children. HFMA prohibits swearing or cursing on our property. Threatening staff, children, or other parents will not be tolerated per Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. HFMA has the right to terminate care in the event of disruptive behavior from a parent or guardian. HFMA must follow particular rules on discipline and guidance as outlined in the Texas Minimum Standards for Child Care Centers. All adults, including parents, must follow these rules while on our property.
  • Cell Phones: Proper parent communication is imperative when working with young children. It is difficult to communicate when cell phones are in use. Effective December 1,2010 the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services passed new regulations prohibiting the personal use of cell phones in classrooms. Please help us stay in compliance with this new standard. We, at HFMA, know that you trust us with your most valuable treasure, your child, and we strive to serve our families the absolute best in preschool education and childcare. We believe that excellent early childhood development is the foundation for a bright future for our children at HFMA.


The latest licensing report is always posted at the school bulletin board. The school keeps a copy of the Minimum Standard Rules for licensed child-care centers in the main office. You may also view the document at the following website:

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services can be reached at: 1-800-582-6036. The Abuse Hotline number is 1-800-252-5400.

Under the Texas Penal Code any area within 1000 feet of a child-care center is a gang-free zone.


It is mandatory for any staff or caregiver working in our establishment to report to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services any suspicion or any real case of abuse and neglect. This policy is put into practice in order for us to follow the mandates of the Minimum Standard Rules. The staff may not notify parents when the police or CPS is called about possible child abuse, neglect, or exploitation, except on the recommendation of CPS or the police when they are called. Some examples of abuse and neglect are leaving a child in a vehicle unattended, not securing a child in a seat belt or booster seat, unexplained marks or bruises on opposite sides of the body, and child hygiene issues.


Teachers obtain annual certification for 24 hours of training in the childcare field.
All staff is CPR and First Aid Certified.

Ordinance: 746.501(25)

Staff member of HFMA are required by Minimum Standard Rules to attend a yearly training on how to prevent and Respond to Abuse and Neglect of children, which includes:

  • Methods for increasing employee awareness and prevention of abuse and neglect, including warning signs of abuse and neglect.
  • To assist parents and HFMA employees increase awareness and how to find help on prevention of child abuse and neglect HFMA has posted signs for the Hotline number that can be reached in case a of any report to be made to the pertaining agency and is available to anyone interested a training.
  • During the month of April, a weeklong campaign is presented that includes parent and staff appropriate literature along with activities for the families.

More information can be found at

National crime prevention council
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Child Protection
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