The purpose of Happy Flower Montessori Academy is to provide an ideal learning environment based on the Montessori philosophy of education. Hands-on learning is emphasized throughout the curriculum and achieved by using special materials developed by Dr. Montessori and her followers in a non-competitive and yet challenging environment consistent with each child’s ability to develop.


Happy Flower Montessori Academy’s main objectives are:

  • To provide a safe and caring environment to our children.
  • To offer the best educational method available.
  • To respect each child’s individuality.
  • To instill ethical and moral values in our children.
  • To make sure our children’s needs are fulfilled and rights are respected.
  • To help parents better understand the Montessori Method.
  • To allow parents opportunities to participate in their child’s education.
  • To be recognized as the best Montessori institution in the DFW metroplex.


Happy Flower Montessori Academy is committed to securing and maintaining the American Montessori Society Code of Ethics and is affiliated with The International Montessori Council.