Some special events held at HFMA during the year include;

  1. Child orientation: prior to the first day of school, the toddler and primary classes will have student orientation. This is relaxed, friendly way to being the school year and acquaints students with the classroom environment. The teachers meet with a small group at a scheduled time during that day, Lessons are given during this time enabling students to become familiar with the work they will do during the first few weeks of class.
  2. New Parent Information Night
  3. Montessori Orientation Night
  4. Parent Lesson Nights
  5. Picnics
  6. Sprig Musical/Kindergarten Graduation*
  7. Parent Conference (twice a year)
  8. Formal Observation Weeks

See the HFMA school calendar for the specific dates of these events.

*The Kindergarten graduation is limit to children that are 5 years old by September 1 of the present academic year.


Special events are held throughout the year as classroom celebration (e.g. seasonal holidays).The designated parent room volunteer will help the teacher organize and contact other parents for help and to collect $30.00 contribution to benefit the celebrations. Since there is limited space in the classroom, the participation of family members will be limited. Equal opportunity will be given to all families for participation throughout the year. We count on your support and understanding.


We celebrate birthday in special way, enabling parents, teachers, and classmates to show appreciation for the birth and growth of each child. Parents are requested to bring or send pictures of the child for each year of his or her life, along with a store-bought nutritious snack that the birthday child helps serve to the children. Your child’s teacher will be sending you a note regarding time and date for his/her Celebration of Life. HFMA policy is to not distribute party favors.

Note: if your family is planning a birthday party for your child outside of the school, you may use the school directory for mailing party invitations and follow-up thank you cards. We cannot give out invitation unless all children of your child’s class are invited.


You may purchase an Honoring Book in recognition of your child’s birth date or any other special occasion. A gift sticker will be placed in the book with the name of the child being honored, and the book will be placed in the child’s classroom library. We ask parents to refrain from Fairy Tales.


Our schedule is similar to the Plano ISD; however, we do vary on numerous dates. Please refer to the calendar provided by HFMA ( for holidays, in-service days, parent-teacher conference days, and special events and breaks.

There are holidays throughout the school year that are special to each family, and the school may not close on these days. you are welcome to take your child out of class for the day to observe a special occasion; simply inform your child’s teacher in advance.


There will be no water activities during the school year at HFMA. During the Summer Sessions we will offer Splash Days. A consent form must be filed with the school for your child to be allowed to participate in these activities.


The four-year old’s class may have field trips during the academic school year and during the summer sessions. Any information about field trips will be communicated to parents well in advance of the event. Permission forms and emergency medical consent form will be required for every child attending. Any child without the appropriate documentation will not be able to attend the trip and parents may be asked to keep the child home on that date if HFMA is not reasonably able to make other accommodations. Your child may be required to wear a specific shirt color from our uniform. A check list will be cross referenced at frequent times to account for all participations.


After a period of classroom normalization, Primary parents are invited to observe inside their child’s classroom for 20-minute sessions. Tuesdays will be reserved for moms and Thursdays will be reserved for dads. Please contact the front office to schedule your observation. All parents are always welcome to observe their child’s classroom through the windows but are respectfully asked not to enter the classroom due to the level of disruption this cause with the younger children.