* Required Information
 I have received, read, and understood the information contained in the Happy Flower Montessori Academy (HFMA) Parent’s handbook. I pledge to support and abide by all HFMA policies and requirements in a positive manner.

 I understand that minor changes and/or additions and deletions can be performed in the content of the Handbook at any time by HFMA. HFMA will inform parents of such a change by either sending a written note, or by posting in the HFMA webpage at: www.happyflowermontessori.com

A revised updated copy of the HFMA parent’s Handbook will be distributed to the HFMA parent’s once a year upon registration. Throughout the year, an updated copy will always be available at the Director’s Office for perusal by the parents. Major changes in the distributed Handbook will be communicated to the parents..

(This form is to be filled out, signed and returned to HFMA as soon as possible. Keep in mind children are not allowed to attend school activities unless this form, together with all other required documents, is filed with the school.)

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